Our Crew

Safety through Training & Knowledge General Airways

Keith A. Boehme

Chief Executive Officer

Our philosophy of “Safety through Training & Knowledge” is an ongoing practice with our recurrent program as follows:

  1. Quarterly Line / Route - Check
  2. Sixth (6) Monthly Instrument Flight Rules – Check
  3. Annual Instrument Flight Rule – Renewal
  4. Annual Line / Route – Check
  5. Annual Flight Medical
  6. Annual “Operations Manual” Procedures – Examination
  7. Annual “Aircraft Technical” – Examination

The Staff and Crew employed via General Airways are dedicated, professional individuals whose training ensures the highest standard expected from our clients.

During our monthly Safety Meetings, various related issues are discussed and presented via the Staff / Crew on a rotational basis ensuring a “Hands On Approach”.

It is the General Airways commitment to offer to our clients and passengers the Highest Professional, Safe and Efficient Services possible.